At U.N., Biden Calls for Diplomacy, not Conflict, but Some Are Skeptical

President Biden, fighting mounting doubts among America’s allies about his commitment to working with them, used his debut address to the United Nations on Tuesday to call for “relentless diplomacy”

France’s Macron Takes on U.S., a Big Gamble Even for a Risk-Taker

In response, France wants “European strategic autonomy” and “European sovereignty,” pet phrases of Mr. Macron, to become a reality. The case for a united Europe to chart its own course

The Sharp U.S. Pivot to Asia Is Throwing Europe Off Balance

There are deeper questions about America’s future reliability as a security partner, especially if the conflict with China turns kinetic, which is part of Mr. Macron’s argument, Mr. Lesser acknowledged.

France Recalls Ambassadors to the United States and Australia in Protest of Submarine Deal

He also said that until Mr. Macron received a letter Wednesday morning from the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, telling him the French submarine deal was scrapped, Australia had given

In Submarine Deal With Australia, U.S. Counters China but Enrages France

PARIS — President Biden’s announcement of a deal to help Australia deploy nuclear-powered submarines has strained the Western alliance, infuriating France and foreshadowing how the conflicting American and European responses

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