Seth Meyers Taunts Tucker Carlson With Pitch-Perfect Impression Of His ‘Routine’

Seth Meyers on Wednesday roasted Fox NewsTucker Carlson for the “‘just asking questions’ routine” he deploys when he has no evidence to back up what he’s saying.

Meyers first called out Carlson for pushing the debunked claim that Southwest Airlines’ recent mass flight cancelation were a result of staff sickouts because of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Southwest has repeatedly denied the mandates were to blame, instead citing weather conditions, air traffic control and antiquated scheduling.

The “Late Night” comedian then ripped Carlson for suggesting the mandates were also behind Amtrak train route cancelations. “Were these also protests against the Biden shot mandates? We can’t say for certain. It certainly wouldn’t surprise us,” Carlson speculated this week.

“You can’t say for certain?” Meyers shot back. “Well then please, by all means, put it on television. We all know that’s how journalism works.”

Meyers then imagined how Carlson would have treated Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s Watergate headlines, before jumping into character as the Fox News personality for what turned out to be a wild ride.

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