Falling in Love with Fall in the Courtyard

We haven’t done any fall festivities this year. No pumpkin patches, no straw mazes, no pumpkin carving, nothing! The weather has just been so great that I don’t think we feel the same urgency we did in Idaho. We had to cram in all the festivities because every day it would just get colder and colder, and by the time halloween came around, we were usually trick-or-treating in coats. Here, it’s a much more leisurely pace and the weather is perfectly warm during the day, and just slightly cooler in the evenings. So we’re taking our time, enjoying fall. I’m living for it and it feels like this is just the beginning, which also means it’s just the beginning of enjoying our courtyard.

Pull Up a Seat

In this post here we talked about our new dining table and how we would have overflow seating in the back patio when we host. Well our new outdoor dining set arrived and it’s soooooo so stunning and substantial. Since its arrival, we’ve been enjoying team lunches out there and it’s been so lovely. Last night we actually spent a magical evening celebrating Chris’s birthday out here.

Looking Towards the Future

We wrote a whole lengthy post sharing the pros and cons of hiring a local contractor vs. an online designer service, and in it we shared some renderings of what this outdoor space COULD look like. Spoiler alert, it was a juicy one AND since then we’ve actually made a decision on what we’re moving forward with (stay-tuned). For now I’m just so content having an outdoor hangout area.

Shop Our Courtyard

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Beyond the courtyard

Just beyond the gated courtyard, is a grassy area where we’ve set up a little hangout vignette in the loungiest chairs. For those who will ask, we’ve also moved the fire pit and chairs to the putting green because it wasn’t getting much utilization anyways. Who even knows what this space will be post-renovation! Possibly a garden or a kids playground?

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