Conservative Columnist Marks Fox News’ 25th Birthday In The Most Damning Way

In his essay, Boot suggested America’s COVID-19 death toll — which currently stands at 716,000 — “is higher than it would have been if Fox did not exist” because of the misinformation peddled by its personalities.

Hosts and guests on the network initially dismissed the threat of the coronavirus as a hoax, Boot noted. They later attacked social distancing, mask mandates and vaccines. Prime-time personality Tucker Carlson has in recent weeks railed against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, even though they are less stringent than those imposed by his own company.

“Fox is poisoning the minds of millions of Americans,” Boot charged.

Facebook may be catching up, but I can’t think of any company that has done more damage to American democracy over the past quarter-century than Fox “News,’” he concluded. “That’s nothing to celebrate.”

Author: diyg

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