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I’m excited for the fresh start the new year brings – even if it’s a symbolic one. It’s been nearly a year now that we’ve been staying at home and our home has become our everyplace. If, like me, you feel the need to refresh your space and infuse it with a different energy, one that feels light, happy a tranquil, keep reading for a few simple ideas and tips and to check out some pretty pieces from the new Target home collections.

Framed Art | Lamp | Circle Vase | Plant Cluster (small, medium, large) | Chair | Scarf | Hat | Sunnies | Crossbody Bag | Green Vase | Diffuser | Small Faux Plant | Pedestal Bowl

Entryway Refresh

Coming home looks a little different for me these days. When I get home, the very first thing I do is take off my mask, put my stuff down, and go wash my hands.  It’s important to think about the function you want a space to have, but also about how a space can evolve and adapt along with us as we go through changes and have different needs. Even though your old entryway probably didn’t have a mask storage spot, chances are your 2021 entryway will need one. So, if you need a place to store your mask, purse, keys, and anything else you typically carry into the house these days BUT you don’t want to give up precious space in what might already feel like a crowded home, consider something like this console. It is great because of its small profile, and added storage.

Also, a little tip about color… if you are ready to switch up the color story in your entryway but aren’t sure what your new color palette is just yet, try using black and white as a base and then layer in more color through art, plants and warm woods.  It keeps a space looking graphic and chic, and the added warmer tones ensure the space doesn’t feel stark. Plus, you can always change the accent colors as the year goes on, but as long as you have some staple black and white pieces (like the black wall hooks, console and the graphic black and white rug) the space will always look pulled together.

 Brass Accent Table | Geometric Art | CurtainSofa | Black Print Pillow | Woven Pillow

Living Room Refresh

Whenever I want to refresh a living room, I like to start with a deep cleaning of the space because any high-traffic area of the house will always have some forgotten corners where stuff piles up. Clearing out those rarely reached places will really help to switch up the energy if your home is feeling a bit stale. Once you’ve got all those nooks and crannies cleaned out, it’s energizing to have a fresh palette to work with. Another way to cleanse the space is to freshen it up with plants. There’s nothing that enlivens and activates a space quite like plants. Here, I’ve mixed some faux plants with real ones (can you tell which ones are real? A couple of them even fooled me at first!).

Croton | Leafy Greens | String of Pearls | Palm | Floor Lamp | Botanical Art | Fiddle Leaf Tree | Blue Woven Pillow | Pouf | Small Rug | Large Rug

You can also try moving the furniture around a bit. One thing that we’ve noticed in my house during these times is that we need more open space since every room has to be multi-functional. Replacing a heavy coffee table with small side tables (I love the rustic look of the little wooden side table) or a large club chairs with light-weight chairs (like the rattan Opalhouse one pictured above) makes it easy to turn the living room into a yoga studio or a gym in flash. Lastly, switching out textiles — adding new pillows, window treatments, changing out rugs, or even just moving them around or layering them, can do wonders to change up the accent colors of the room and transform the vibe — small investment, major impact!

Hanging planterPalm | Plants on top shelf (L to R) 1, 23 | Diffuser | Plants on bottom shelf (L to R) 1, 2, 3 | | Candle | Lamp | Desk | Side Table | Chair | Rug

Home Office Refresh

I don’t know how long we’ll be working from home, but it might be time to upgrade makeshift WFH setups into proper home offices, where one can focus and feel inspired. Here, I’ve pulled together two home office setups that can be achieved in small spaces. First, I like to use rugs to delineate the office “zone.” That way, even if your office is in the dining room or the bedroom, the rug creates a visual boundary that marks the area. Utilizing wall space for storage can also help define the “work zone.” Floating shelves provide added surface area, a place to keep those new plantastic officemates, and visually signal to our brains that we are entering a work space when we see our supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, calendars, etc.) on display. A soothing wall color can also do wonders for focus! It’s another way to define your work space from the rest of the house.

  Large Pink Vase | Lamp | Desk | Scarf | Chair | Rug

And office spaces don’t need to feel “officey” or clinical – especially not when they’re in your home. They can be fun and cozy and reflect your personality! Take advantage of the fact that at home there are no rules for how to keep your desk. For this office, we played with pink and gold accents and went bold with the wall art (I couldn’t help myself because I’ve got a thing for the Opalhouse peacock and cockatoo paintings). And your home office certainly doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. This whole office setup can be put together for around $400.

Beaded Mirror | Small Pink Vase | Dried Florals | Mug | Candle | Glass Organizer

For me, switching things up at home is part therapy and part art project. I feel so reinvigorated when I make my space a little bit cleaner or prettier, or take the time to add fresh flowers or plants, paint or switch out my pillows or window treatments. It’s really amazing what a big impact these small changes can make. And in times like these, when we are spending so much time at home, it really can bring a bit of joy and peace into our lives. Here’s to hoping that’s what 2021 will be all about.

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